Sell Diamond Jewelry in NYC

Why Sell Diamond Jewelry to Us?

Introduction to Diamond Selling in NYC

As a reputable family business nestled in the heart of the Diamond District of New York City, we bring over 30 years of experience to the table, specializing in buying diamond jewelry. Our prime location at 30 West 47th St #806, New York, NY 10036, sets us apart, making us an accessible and trustworthy option for those looking to sell diamond jewelry in NYC.

Why Sell Diamond Jewelry to Us?

The decision to sell diamond jewelry is often accompanied by a mix of emotions and the desire for a fair, respectful transaction. We understand this at New York Diamond Buyers and are committed to customer satisfaction, ensuring that you receive a competitive and fair price for your valuables. Our focus on purchasing diamond engagement rings for top dollar, along with other valuable items, is grounded in our principle of mutual contentment in every transaction.

Transparency and Trust

Our transparent approach in evaluating and buying your jewelry ensures you are informed every step of the way. With a network capable of handling high-value transactions discreetly and professionally, you can rest assured that your business with us remains confidential. Our positive customer reviews reflect our commitment to fairness and professionalism.

The Process of Selling Your Jewelry

Understanding the process of selling diamond jewelry in NYC can demystify the experience, making it less daunting. From the moment you contact us to schedule an appointment, to the evaluation and final transaction, our aim is to make the process as seamless and comfortable for you as possible.

Evaluation and Appraisal

We pride ourselves on offering accurate appraisals, ensuring you get the value your diamond jewelry deserves. Our expert team, equipped with years of experience and an eye for quality, will evaluate your items, providing you with a fair estimate based on current market values.

What Items Do We Buy?

Our appetite for purchasing extends beyond diamond engagement rings. We are always looking to buy graded and ungraded diamonds, luxury watches, gold, silver, platinum, coins, and antique and estate jewelry. Our expertise allows us to assess a wide variety of items, ensuring you receive the best price for your valuables.

  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Graded and Ungraded Loose Diamonds
  • Luxury Watches
  • Gold, Silver, and Platinum
  • Antique and Estate Jewelry

Benefits of Selling to Us

Selling diamond jewelry in NYC to us offers several advantages. Our strategic location in the Diamond District, combined with our extensive experience, ensures a transaction that is both profitable and secure. Here are some key benefits:

Immediate Payment

One of the standout advantages of dealing with us is our ability to offer immediate payment upon the agreement of sale. This means you can convert your diamonds and jewelry into cash without unnecessary delays.

Expertise and Experience

Our three decades of experience in the industry provide us with the knowledge necessary to offer you the best prices for your diamond jewelry. Our team’s expertise ensures that your valuables are appraised accurately, reflecting their true market value.

Customer Testimonials

Clients like Amanda, Sona, and Michael have praised our professionalism, fair pricing, and exceptional service. These testimonials exemplify the trust and satisfaction experienced by those who choose to sell diamond jewelry in NYC to us.


When it comes time to sell diamond jewelry in NYC, selecting a reputable buyer who understands the value and significance of your items is crucial. At New York Diamond Buyers, our commitment to fairness, combined with our extensive experience and convenient location, makes us an ideal choice for selling your valuable items. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience first-hand the professionalism and top-notch service that has made us a trusted name in the diamond buying industry.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, reach us at 212-642-4345. Let us turn your sparkling treasures into a rewarding sale.

Benefits of Selling to Us

How to sell a diamond in NYC?

When it comes to selling a diamond in the bustling heart of NYC, the process is simpler than most people might think, especially with a trusted name like ours, New York Diamond Buyers. The first step is to contact us for an appointment. This ensures you receive our undivided attention. During your visit, our experienced team will evaluate your diamond, considering its 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat), and provide you with a fair, transparent estimate based on the current market values. Remember, dealing with a reputable buyer in the Diamond District means you’re likely to receive a competitive offer for your valuable piece.

What is the best way to sell diamond jewellery?

The best avenue to sell diamond jewelry hinges significantly on finding a trusted and experienced buyer, particularly if you’re looking for a hassle-free experience with immediate payment. Selling to a dedicated buyer in the Diamond District, like us at New York Diamond Buyers, offers a seamless process and the assurance that your precious items are in the hands of seasoned professionals. This not only ensures a fair appraisal but also the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with a reputable establishment that understands the value and significance of your jewelry.

How much money do you get if you sell a diamond?

The amount you can expect when selling a diamond varies widely based on factors such as the diamond’s quality, its size, and current market demand. At New York Diamond Buyers, we pride ourselves on giving you a fair and competitive offer. It’s not just about the carat weight but also the diamond’s color, clarity, and how well it’s been cut. Luxury or designer pieces can fetch higher prices due to their brand value. Rest assured, we always strive to provide offers that reflect the true market value, ensuring you leave feeling satisfied with the transaction.

How much is a 1 carat diamond worth resale?

Resale values for 1 carat diamonds can vary significantly based on several quality indicators. Typically, a 1 carat diamond’s resale price might range anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Factors like the diamond’s cut quality, color, clarity, and whether it comes with a certification from a reputable grading entity play crucial roles in determining its value. At New York Diamond Buyers, we consider all these aspects to ensure you receive a fair price for your diamond. We understand each diamond’s unique story and value, aiming to provide you with the best possible offer based on current market trends.

What items do we buy?

At New York Diamond Buyers, our interest goes beyond diamond engagement rings. We are eager to purchase a wide array of items including, but not limited to, graded and ungraded loose diamonds, luxury watches from renowned brands like Cartier and Rolex, and precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. We also have a keen interest in coins, as well as antique and estate jewelry. Our extensive experience allows us to accurately evaluate and offer top dollar for these items, ensuring you receive the best possible price for your valuables.

Benefits of selling to us?

Selling your diamond jewelry to us in NYC brings numerous advantages. Our central location in the Diamond District ensures convenience and security for all transactions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer not just immediate payment but also the peace of mind that comes from dealing with seasoned experts. Our approach is grounded in transparency and trust; we provide thorough explanations of our appraisal process and why we value your items the way we do. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we’re not happy unless you’re delighted with the deal.


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