certified public accountant Springfield NJ

One of the more critical elements of running any business is making sure that all of the finances are kept in order. When you end up making big mistakes with your bills, the budget or your tax returns, it is not going to matter how good your products or services are. You may find that hiring a professional certified public accountant in Springfield NJ will be the best option for you.

No matter how big or small your business might be, you will always benefit from having a tax advisor and someone to help with your finances. Instead of merely looking for an accountant, you will find that a certified public accountant is a way to go – and there is a difference. An accountant is simply a general term for a tax and financial professional. A CPA is an accountant that has passed certification for licensing within your state. Basically speaking, all CPAs can be considered accountants but not every accountant can be viewed as a CPA.

A lot of small businesses will hire an accountant, which does work in some instances. However, you need to know that there are many specific circumstances that call for the services that only a CPA can provide. Here are some of the benefits of going with a certified public accountant in Springfield NJ.


Certified public accountants are licensed in your state and have to stay current with all of the local tax laws to keep that license, where an accountant is not licensed. The examination for certified public accountants is a long process that takes part over several days and includes elements of both tax and financial expertise.

Tax Laws

Not every CPA is going to specialize in taxes for small businesses, but almost all are familiar with more of the tax laws than an accountant would be. Knowledge of these codes is crucial, and a CPA will usually take tax courses each year to make sure they’re caught up on tax codes.

Financial Analysis

A bookkeeper will perform various tasks like inputting business expenses and income. However, an accountant will go further to review all of this input and also work to analyze reports to get a bigger picture from a financial aspect. Working with a CPA will give you more in-depth financial and tax advice.

IRS Audits

Nobody ever wants to think about getting audited for their business taxes. However, if this does happen, your certified public accountant in Springfield NJ will be there to help. Your CPA is eligible to act as your representation when a regular accountant is not.

Dominick Fiorenza, C.P.A. is available whenever you are looking for a qualified certified public accountant in Springfield NJ to help with your business finances. You can get the help that you need with sales tax and payroll financing as well as forensic accounting, bookkeeping services, and much more. All you have to do is set up a time for a consultation, and you can get on track for all of the bookkeeping and financial filing help that you need for your business, regardless of the size and scope.

certified public accountant Springfield NJ